ORS Electrical Cabinet Cooler

ORS Electrical Cabinet Cooler

The electrical cabinet and device coolers of series ORS operate on the basis of heat exchangers water/air. So they need water in the form of cooling tower water, circuit water, well water etc. The cooler capacity depends on water temperature, water quantity and air temperature. The warm air is sucked out of the cabinet at the top, cooled down and then blown in again at the bottom. There are threads on the base plate to screw on the complete device from the inside of the electrical cabinet.

Therefore, a closed air circuit should be preferred. Besides cool air an adequate airstream and ventilation duct avoiding heat pockets is also necessary for the cooling process. With their large-dimensioned heat exchangers and appropriate fans Schwämmle cabinet coolers fulfil all these requirements.

Specifications and Structure

  • The device is fully encased, fully piped and wired internally and therefore ready to plug in (fuse or motor protection switch to be provided by the customer). With device connection cable 2.5 m.
  • The heat exchanger consists of copper pipes with aluminium fins. A pressure of 30 bar is applied during the leakage test to ensure maximum safety. The fins are tightly connected with the core pipes through a special expansion procedure thus ensuring the highest heat transfers.
  • The fans
    are strong maintenance-free radial fans with a high residual thrust as a power reserve. This leads to a good airstream through the cabinet – one of the basic conditions of any reasonable cooling system.
  • The fan impeller
    is balanced out statistically and dynamically according to quality class Q6,3 VDI 2060 thus ensuring maximum smoothness.
  • The fan motor
    is an external rotor motor of protection class IP 44, ISO class B by default. The finish can normally be carried out according to customer requirements. If the device is ordered without a special finish, the ORS will be delivered in RAL 7035.
  • The total length
    can also be carried out according to customer requirements with the special benefit that air inlet and air outlet are installed exactly where they are needed. None of the large components like, for example, inverter etc. will disturb the airstream. If the device is ordered without indicating a customer-specific total length, the total length will be 1,200 mm.

Download data sheet (PDF)

Technical details, performance calculation etc. at a glance