Electrical Cabinet Cooler Underfloor Airflow

LWH cooling system front view

Heat and dirt are the greatest enemies of any electrical control system. With regard to electronic components they oftentimes lead to the failure of entire systems with major consequential damage. Unfortunately, the common solution to blow external air through the cabinets leads to the soiling of components. However, soiling acts as an insulator between the component and the air and, as a consequence, the component temperature will rise. The primary decisive factor, though, is to cool the components and not the air.

Therefore, a closed air circuit should be preferred. Besides cool air an adequate airstream and ventilation duct avoiding heat pockets is also necessary for the cooling process. With their large-dimensioned heat exchangers and appropriate fans Schwämmle cabinet coolers fulfil all these requirements.

This series stands out due to particularly strong fans. The air ducts can be installed on both sides, to the left or to the right, as needed. The airstream is conducted via an underfloor duct and individually adjustable.

Cooling capacities of up to 25 kW with air inlet/outlet temperatures of 45/34 °C with a water inlet temperature of 26 °C. The electrical cabinet cooler is installed in an electrical cabinet enclosure and the air is distributed in the cabinet row via ducts. This requires extremely strong fans.

Please contact us to make an inquiry if you have deviating operating points. With a lower water temperature the capacity will rise accordingly.


  • For large amounts of heat to be dissipated
  • For ductwork connection
  • With ductwork for underfloor air duct and distribution
  • Supplied by cooling water or cooling tower water
  • Internal air circuit in the electrical cabinet with minimum dust ingress
  • Strong branded fans with high thrust
  • High-performance heat exchangers made of copper-aluminium
  • Stainless steel version possible

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Technical details, performance calculation etc. at a glance