Cooling Water Re-Cooler LWH

LWH Cooling System front view

LWH Cooling Water Re-Coolers are inexpensive industrial cooling systems with maximum operational safety, rapid amortization and high efficiency. Our LWH Cooling Water Re-Coolers are used whenever cooling and temperature control are required like, for example, with precision tool machines, laser systems, plasma cutting systems, induction units, welding machines, degreasing installations, emulsion cooling and many more.

Schwämmle cooling water re-coolers of series LWH 2 to LWH 22 with fully hermetic chillers are plug-in systems in compact design, space-saving and easy to install. If you have special requirements, we will manufacture a custom-built model for your very particular application. How can our LWH Cooling Water Re-Cooler support you? Please contact us!



Constant cooling water temperature:

Thus making the most of your means of production plus a much longer service life of your tools.

Consistent cooling water quality:

A closed circular flow prevents contamination and limescale deposits.

Cost savings:

Since fresh water is not required for the cooling process, there are no costs whatsoever for fresh and waste water which, in turn, leads to a very short payback period.


  • Speed-controlled compressor, fan or pump
  • DC control voltage
  • Special voltage
  • Reinforced fan for increased air compression
  • Harting or Wieland plug connector
  • Exact temperature control, e.g. ± 0.1 K
  • Ambient temperature > 42 °C
  • Cooling agent R134a or R404A
  • Differential temperature control
  • Water-cooled condenser
  • Winter start-up kit for outdoor installation
  • Reinforced pump
  • Split systems (external condenser)
  • Further options upon request


  • Coax evaporator made of stainless steel
  • Cost-effective low-noise scroll compressor
  • Micro-Channel condenser; completely made of aluminium
  • Water tank with level indicator
  • Bypass valve for pump protection
  • Protection against dry running of pump
  • External power-on
  • Potential-free collective fault message
  • 2-stage speed control (star, delta)
  • Temperature control through freely programmable digital thermostat with temperature hysteresis ± 1.0 K
  • Enclosure colours based on customer requirements (optional, RAL colours)

Download data sheet (PDF)

Technical details, performance calculation etc. at a glance