Immersion Cooler OBK

Cooling system with 2 OBK 9 immersion coolers

The OBK Immersion Cooler series is used to cool oil or emulsion in tanks. The devices are placed onto the tank and then immerse in the liquid. Cooling is normally effected against recirculating air. Water-cooled devices are also possible. Temperature range of the medium is between 10 and 28 °C. Immersion coolers are placed onto the tank and then immerse in the liquid with their evaporator. The evaporator has a very flat design and is therefore particularly suitable for very shallow tanks.

A built-in temperature sensor controls the temperature of the medium. Various temperature control modes are possible: * As per fixed medium temperature, * As per ambient temperature or * As per machine bed temperature.

The performance data refer to water with 5 % oil content. If oil is to be cooled, the cooler must be specifically designed for this purpose. Cooling is effected against recirculating air. Air inlet from the right, air outlet to the left.

Scope of Delivery

  • Base frame: Sheathing on all sides for putting onto the tank. DD structure finish pebble gray similar to RAL 7032. Other finish upon request. Filter installed upstream of the condenser available as an option.
  • Cooling circuit: With chiller with pipe coil evaporator stainless steel 1.4301. Air-cooled condenser of copper pipes with aluminium fins, expansion valve, dryer, high pressure and low pressure switch (type-tested), inspection glass, cooling agent receiver, charging of oil and cooling agent. From OBK 7 on with solenoid valve. From OBK 36 on with 2 entire cooling circuits. Power stages 0-50-100 %.
  • Stirrer(s): Required to achieve an optimal heat transfer in the tank even if there is no flow in the tank.
  • Electrical cabinet in an entirely closed and dust-proof version, fully wired internally according to EN 60 204-1 and UVV/VBG4 with all switching, control and monitoring devices included, control voltage 24 V AC.
  • Safety chain with high and low pressure switch and motor protection switches. Light-emitting diodes (LED) for indicating operation as well as high and low pressure faults in the electrical cabinet. Adjustable electronic digital thermostat, external lamp for collective fault message, complete electrical control system and device connection cable 2.5 m.
  • Additional equipment: Ambient temperature-controlled temperature control, condenser filter, water-cooled condensers, heat recovery, special voltages. Custom-built models according to factory regulations. CSA etc. available upon request.


  • Power 3.6 kW – 160 kW
  • Fully ready to plug in
  • Specifically developed for low cooling capacities
  • Space-saving design
  • 50/60 Hz models possible
  • Mobile versions or versions with handles upon request
  • Versions for corrosive substances also available
  • Complete electrical control system
  • Available with a variety of sensors

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