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Temperature Control System WWH 30/10 S

Our brand new temperature control system WWH 30/10 S uses water as a cooling agent. This temperature control system offers maximum operational safety and a constantly precise cooling performance at the same time. The device is constructed in a way that it can be adapted to your special requirements.

Temperiersystem WWH 30S Frontansicht

Example: WWH system with 6 MW rating

Temperiersystem WWH 30S geöffnet

Complete view WWH system with 6 MW rating

Temperiersystem WWH 30S Steuerung

Example: Dry cooler of a WWH system


  • Heat transfer capacity cooling unit 20 kW
  • Heat transfer capacity cooling water 30 kW
  • Flow line temperature of 0 to 90 °C at a cooling water supply temperature of max. 30 °C
  • Temperature constancy +/- 1K
  • Cooling water quantity 86 l/min
  • Required water pressure difference min. 0.3 bar
  • Pump capacity consumer circuit 480 l/min. at an external pressure of 3.0 bar
  • Heat output 30 kW
  • Pump power consumption 7.5 kW
  • Total power consumption 38 kW
  • Total current approx. 55 A
  • Type of current 3/PE/50Hz 400V/ +/-10%
  • Consumer connection (0-90 °C) 2 inch
  • Cooling water connection (max. 30 °C) 1 ¼ inch
  • Dimensions: Length: 2,300 mm, width: 1,600 mm, height: 2,100 mm