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Be it system optimization, maintenance or leakage tests that are to be carried out at regular intervals pursuant to EC Regulation 842/2006: We are your reliable partner – not only as a manufacturer but also as a service provider for cooling systems. Service is high on our list of priorities!

Mobile Service


Finding out what’s wrong with your cooling system is not exactly rocket science for us – with our data logger we can record the operating parameters and precisely locate any problems. Our service technicians will use these data to optimize, maintain and resolve all possible problems whatsoever. Simple, minimally invasive and therefore cost-saving: This is SCHWÄMMLE service!

R22 Transition

Make the change now.

Since 01.01.2001, pursuant to EC Regulation 2037/2000, it is prohibited in Europe to use R22 in new installations. This means that in Europe it is no longer permitted to install new systems using this cooling agent. R22 is generally prohibited since 01.01.2015! Only the suction of R22 is still considered a permissible intervention in the cooling circuit. We help you to make the transition of your industrial cooling system currently operated with H-FCKW R22 or another H-FCKW cooling agent to an alternative eco-friendly cooling agent in exchange which will be permitted on a long-term basis or – if appropriate – to replace your cooling system by a modern, efficient and energy-saving one.

Continuous Optimization

We are with you every step of the way.

Of course, we will not leave you alone with your SCHWÄMMLE cooling system. Using the latest evaluation technology allows us to easily maintain and permanently optimize our cooling systems together with you with little effort. Your benefit: Increase efficiency and reduce costs. Intelligent control systems such as our WWH Eco as well as the modular design of our cooling systems make it possible to adapt and scale systems already installed to changed circumstances on your site.

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What can we do for you? Please call our SCHWÄMMLE service hotline. We will answer your questions and arrange a service appointment.

R22 – Let’s make the change together!

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